Carpet cleaning – step by step
February 21, 2018
Mattress cleaning – step by step
April 29, 2014

How we do upholstery cleaning...

Step 1
Fabric identification to find the appropriate chemical treatment that can be applied. That means more safety measures to keep your furnishings color and condition without any damage issue.
Step 2
Thorough vacuuming on every corner and under any pillows or cushion. Nothing will be left behind or ignored as if unnecessary. This will improve the removal process of any stains caused by coffee, tea or wine spillage.
Dust mites, bacteria and allergy killer will be applied as well. But no worry ! Only friendly solutions used !
Step 3
Application of suitable stain removal solution which will make no harm to fabrics or lives. They are allergy-free and no hazard solutions. This should give more peace of mind as we adhere to the professional and safe way cleaning process
Step 4
Steam spray or hand cleaning process will be now applied accordingly if it is supported by the kind of material used in furniture manufacturing. Our equipment will now use its high suction power to dry it, leaving an almost dry surface.
Step 5
Everybody can take a deep breath and relax on sofa or in comfortable armchair as we now have a brand new clean furniture to lay on.
The fabric color are now restored and preserved as we applied a special solution. So no more worries about flying colors!
Step 6
Strong recommendation for stain protection treatment! This will help you avoid future accidental stains. Applied at your request.
Extra charge will be involved !
...and a few more...