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Carpets are used to make our homes beautiful. The use of different colours and combination simply makes our homes unique and eye catching designs leave people mesmerised.

Some people are so passionate about their carpets that they buy exquisite pieces for their homes. But unfortunately sometimes, unwanted mistakes happen.

Your friends come over for dinner, you serve a them a glass of wine and catastrophe happens, they spill wine on your brand new and £600 carpet.You put a brave face one however, deep down you start worrying about whether or not that stain is permanent or it can be removed.

That’s were we come in! There are many carpet cleaning business out there offering a range of services and quality. Evo Top Clean specialises in Carpet Cleaning North London and we can help remove stains from your precious and beautiful carpets.

So if your carpet gets dingy and dirty and you are searching for a carpet cleaner who can get the job done, look no further.
Our professional cleaners will make your carpet look like you just bought it.

There are multiple reasons why you should be looking at hiring a professional to clean your carpets, here are a few of them:

Carpets come in different fabric

Not all carpets are created equal! Anyone telling you different is wrong. Professional cleaners can spot the difference in a hart beat.
Different fabrics are used depending where the carpets are used eg your bedroom carpet will have different fabrics from your living room carpet.
Depending on the fabrics used there are even different cleaning requirements that need to be used otherwise you risk running your carpet even more hence using the correct technique and correct cleaning solutions is vital and can’t be left to chance even for the average carpet or rug.

STOP! What type of stain is it?

carpet cleaning north london

You may be fooled into thinking that there is a one-size fits all cleaning solutions for all type of stains. If you ask our expert carpet cleaning North London agents they will tell you that a coffee stain is very different from a wine or ketchup stain.

Choosing the right solutions isn’t enough, choosing the right method of cleaning the stain is as important otherwise it’s like a job half done which is as good as not doing the job at all!

Should I be cleaning my carpet myself?

Sure, you can go to your local corner store and buy some generic cleaning products, but ask yourself this, do you know you will get the job done? or will you make things worse?
We have specialised cleaning agents that are tailored for specific stains, we use professional equipment that activates and cleaning agents and ensures it goes deep in the fabric and cleans it properly.
The service you get when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company is far superior to that you can do yourself, in addition to this you also remove the risk of damaging your carpet.

A Fresh and Sanitised carpet is a happy carpet.

During the carpet cleaning process, much of the dust that comes off your rugs will be scattered all over your house in more or less hard to reach places.
Dust and dirt particles tend to get stuck around your houses corners and in other areas; A professional carpet cleaner will sanitise your carpet and house after cleaning your carpet ensuring there aren’t any left odours or detergents.

Pollutants in the air

You may have noticed dust and dirt particles coming out your carpet when you hoover it. Pollutants raise and go into your home’s “atmosphere” making it less safe for your family.
In addition to cleaning each fibre of your carpet, professional carpet cleaning North London are experienced in addressing this and will remove those particles making your home safe again.

Pest free cleaning agents

You may not realise your carpet may be prone to ticks and dust mite infestations. Self-cleaning using your regular cleaning solutions will not remove these pests from your carpet.
Unfortunately this is not the only threat to your health, it also pose a risk to your pets and is highly contagious.
A professional carpet cleaner knows about all the signs of these pests infestations and can address the matter accordingly removing this risk. One example is lice do not can be stopped from spreading and killed of by using a professional steam cleaner.

Moulds and Mildew:

You have surely seen trees covered in white fungus as well as other object that have been laying in the same spot for long periods of time.
Carpets that lie inert not being used for long periods of time are at risk of developing mould and mildew.
These type of fungi are very unhealthy and can be a major risk to your health and that of your kids, family and pets.
Our carpet cleaning north London agents have plenty experience in treating these sort of carpets.
The first thing we do is remove the cause of moisture. This will prevent further growth of these organisms in your carpets. The second part of the process is we use specialised techniques and professional cleaning solutions to clean the carpet and sanitise it.

Time-saving using carpet cleaning North London agents

We all know how much time it takes to clean a carpet. Often if there is a big area to clean more than one cleaner may be involved.
A well-executed carpet cleaning job requires plenty time and why waste that when you could have us do it for you?
Just call us and we will send our professionals and rest as they say, is history.
Future protection:
Often people may think the job is done once the rug is clean again. That’s not the case. We take measures to prevent this from happening again and make your carpet stain and dust proof.
The maintenance of a carpet is necessary and these precautionary measures will help you maintain the originality and beauty of your rugs and also prevent pest and lice growth in the future.

Quality guarantee carpet cleaning North London

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies we provide guarantees of our work. Providing a trustworthy service is significant as it will be the reason difference of being invited back for future work or not.
Here are 10 of the reasons that will hopefully help you decide between hiring a professional cleaner or going down to the the local show and cleaning your carpet yourself.